Once unwrapped

Flowers can take up to 24 hours to reach their full potential after being placed in waterOnce unwrapped, remove all excess foliage and leaves from the stems below the water level. This will help eliminate any harmful bacteria within the water, which can block the stem and stop the flowers taking up the water..

When arranging

Thoroughly clean your vase with a bleach and water solution. Using luke warm water, which helps closed buds begin to open, fill your vase half to two thirds full and mix in your flower food. Take care when un-wrapping a hand-tied bouquet as some are delivered in a water bubble to keep the flowers fresh.

Try to avoid arranging your flowers in cold water as this can reduce their life span. Try to avoid using metal or aluminium containers as these often react with the flower food, glass is ideal.


To get the most out of your flowers you need to trim their stems. The ideal way to do this is with a sharp knife, cut at least 3cms (1 inch) from the base at a recommended angle of 45 degrees. This allows your flowers to absorb more water.

If a Rose begins to droop at the head, re-cut the stem, wrap the head in paper to support it upright and plunge 10cms of the stem into boiling water for about a minute. Remove, cut the stem again and place in a bucket of clean, cold water for an hour.

Daily Maintenance

We recommend topping up water on a daily basis and removing any fading flowers in both vases and arrangements set in floral foam (oasis).

Keep your flowers in a cool location, away from draughts, direct heat or sunlight.

A few little basics for plants

For best results, we recommend keeping your plants or planted arrangements away from drafts and any direct sunlight. Because room temperatures vary it is important to keep the soil moist but also ensure you do not over water. To protect your surfaces we recommend you place your plants on a mat.